About BHFE Solutions

At BHFE Solutions we understand that time is a priceless commodity. If ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ imagine the value of one second earned. BHFE Solutions was formed to empower individuals and organizations to recover precious time by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows. 

YOU are the star. 

Our experts work with you, creating custom and unique solutions to unleash your full capabilities.

One size fits all can be nice, but not when it comes to critical business functions. We work alongside our clients, learning about the intricacies of their business processes and combine that with our extensive knowledge of RPA, optimization & industry experience. The result is a significantly more valuable outcome with transformative effects. 

We are platform agnostic. 

With expertise on leading RPA platforms, we are unrestricted by software limitations.

Our technical experts have years of experience on many of the leading RPA/RDA platforms. If your organization already has a solution in place we feel right at home. If you are still looking for a solution we can suggest the correct platform based on your business needs and budget. If you are looking to create an in house center of excellence we can assist you with education and bootstrap your RPA journey. 

Size doesn’t matter

At BHFE Solutions we enjoy challenges of any size and complexity.

whether your organization requires enterprise-wide automation solutions or a simple bot to save some time we are ready. Unfortunately many small businesses are incapable of enjoying the benefits of automation because consultancies require unreasonably large retainers. Conversely, mid size & large businesses require industry specific expertise and knowledge which rarely combine with technical understanding outside of the organization. At BHFE we stand ready to lead organizations and projects of any size across a wide range of industries.