Benefits of automation for law firms

With automation, law firms reduce costs and increase productivity while eliminating attorney burn-out 

The legal industry is diverse with firms of different sizes and practice areas. We have found that just about any law firm can benefit from Problematic Process Automation because of the extensive manual processes they are faced with. These processes lead to high spend on support from paralegals, costly human error & catastrophic attorney burn out. 

For many of these manual processes, firms are at the mercy of the governing bodies that require them. For example, many firms have started with automating their E-filing processes. Notably, these firms have been able to increase productivity significantly and keep operational costs low. Because a significant portion of the manual labor is now automated, the firm can now focus on generating more business, with the ability to scale at will. They are effectively doing more with less. 

It is also important to note that RPA is not just limited to legal processes. It is essential across all business units such as human resources, information technology, accounting, administration and marketing.


Nearly all E-filing processes can be automated, reducing errors & cost while allowing firms to scale at will. 


Automate data loading, simplify searching & tagging, create custom menus and functionality above existing E-discovery platforms such as Eclipse, Relativity & Concordance

Automating in the Legal Industry: Use case samples

With over 15 years automating law firms and surrounding businesses, BHFE has compiled hundreds of use cases. Among them are: 

Data retrieval 

Retrieve data from courts, emails, PDFs, case management systems or any other source & gain actionable insights

Case discovery

Scrape the web & use sentiment/text analysis to discover new possible cases. From websites to social media to public records, RPA can help organize all data to find new cases

Law firms make up a significant portion of BHFE’s client portfolio. Through the benefits of RPA, we have helped firms reduce cost, increase productivity, eliminate attorney burn out and create a wider bandwidth to do business.